Friday, May 16, 2008


Wherever I see them, whenever I see them, poppies always remind me of the old woodshed at the back of the yard, and the patch of flowers my grandmother had planted at one corner.

Here's hoping you fond memories and a peaceful weekend. See you Monday.


lv2scpbk said...

Nice flowers. I was sure my yellow flower was a poppy, now not so sure. They do have something called a tulip poppy it says on the Internet and they do have yellow poppies. Some people on mine said they were tulips and other's didn't know. Anyway, I'm not sure other than it made a good photo.

Glad you were at Rickett's Glenn before. We did a 2-1/2 hour walk the other day when we were there. It's not bad going down, just hate going up. Wonderful views of different falls though.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Have a great weekend yourself! Love the poppies. We're only just beginning to see tulips and such opening up all over the Twin Cities. It is SO WONDERFUL!!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Have a good weekend Dan. I aim to relax this weekend.

Those poppies are my favorites because they feed rabbits who eat the whole thing if they can, and the seed or the pollen seems to be favored by many insects and I got a photo of a honey bee coming in on one side and a mosquito coming in on the other.

Carolyn said...

"Pretty nurses selling poppies from a tray..."

Abraham Lincoln said...

Thanks for the visit and comments ab out spring house cleaning in todays post. I was here the other day and commented about the poppy display. They still look good to me.