Saturday, May 3, 2008


Milepost five, along Forbidden Drive.Milepost 5, Forbidden Drive, Saturday morning.

Tomorrow will be the 100th posting to Wissahickon Diary.

Tomorrow is also when Philadelphia holds its annual Broad Street Run. I first participated in the 10 mile event in 2001, at the age of 39. I finished in one hour, twenty eight minutes, and fifteen seconds (1:28:15) -- for those of you who aren't runners, that's not a very impressive time. But I was happy enough with it.

I have done the run a number of times since then, however, and each year my time has gotten a little slower. Last year I finished at 1:32:50. This I have not been happy about. In fact, I've complained no end to my friends, or anyone else who would listen. "Well, you know, your getting older," is the usual response, made, I suspect, more to shut me up than to comfort me. It doesn't do either.

So this year I made up my mind to achieve a new personal best. Toward that end, I've dropped about30 pounds, and, of course, I've been running a lot. Tomorrow I'll find out if determination can overcome age.

And I'll let you know here, in my 100th post. It'll be later, after the official results are in.

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Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Good Luck, Dan......I'll be rooting for you!!