Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three bridges, late afternoon

Henry Avenue Bridge, Hermit Lane Bridge, Bicycle Path Bridge.The railing on the right belongs to the bicycle path bridge, built in the early 1980s, the small stone bridge in the of middle of the photo is Hermit's Lane, built in 1794, and the big fellow overarching it all is the Henry Avenue Bridge, completed in 1931. Gotta love those layers of history.

If you've ever seen the John Travolta film Blow Out, these bridges might look familiar to you. Some, or all of them, appear near the beginning. I haven't seen the film in years, nor do I intend to see it again. I remember it being filled with gratuitous violence, bordering on misogyny.

But hey, the bridges are still cool.


Donna said...

Very Cool!

Lori said...

Wow, that's a cool perspective! You've chosen a very interesting shot. (I don't think I've seen the film, sounds like I wouldn't like it!)

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I've never seen the movie. I don't mind a bit of violence, but non-stop is no fun. I really like 3 bridges in one shot! How interesting. I almost didn't notice the one above them, I had to look for the third that you mentioned :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Blow Out many years ago and I think it is one of the great great film noir. The acting writing and directing are tight and I loved the suspense.It's also fun so see Philadelphia in the early 80's. what the heck... I think I'll go out and buy the DVD.