Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blue Stone Bridge

Blue Stone BridgeBuilt in 1896, the Blue Stone Bridge, and before that, an earlier structure which it replaced, was the only way to cross the Wissahickon when traveling to and from Germantown and Roxborough. When conditions were bad -- think rain and mud, snow and ice -- it was not an easy journey. One had to travel up or down the steep trail through the gorge on the Roxborough side. In 1908 that changed with the opening of the Walnut Lane Bridge. Suddenly a day's journey became a journey of a minute or two.

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JANE VOLPE said...

Hi Dan,

The beautiful Wissahickon Bridge was built by my Grandmother's family, Nolan Brother's Builders. I live in Baltimore and wanted to see it so looked it up on Google. Now I plan to drive up there to see it in person. Thanks for the beautiful photo!