Friday, April 25, 2008

Not hummingbirds

Pine cones, Blue Bell Hill Meadow.

The hummingbirds are Back. I haven't seen them, but my next door neighbors, who started putting out feeders a few years ago after seeing the success I was having with mine, have. They were all excited when I got home tonight to tell me. I sat out on the front porch with them for a while and waited, watching. Then the noise and motion on Johnson Street became too much for me, and I retreated to the backyard.

I had a beer and read my book and looked up from time to time to see if anyone was hitting the feeders. No hummingbirds, but lots of cardinals and lots of sparrows were coming in. It was the first evening since last fall that I sat out back like this. The cardinals were singing, other birds were singing. Further off dogs were barking, car doors were slamming, voices of people coming and going -- I didn't mind, their noise making the seclusion of the backyard all the more precious.

No hummingbirds tonight, but that's okay. Good to know they're back. Good to sit in the backyard again. And good to realize that it is one of my favorite places to be.


Donna said...

Mine too!

Just Roaming The Cities said...

It is fun to do that in the Spring, isn't it? Just the sounds of the birds singing is awesome. I'm good until about July when that Robin outside my window has awoken me every morning at 4:30 a.m., then I'm sick of it :) But right now, the sounds are incredible! If we could just get it to stop raining...