Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

Jack-o-lanterns on a porch railing.Pumpkin Pickin', not unlike Festivus, is a made up holiday created in answer to the over commercialization of a traditional holiday -- in this case, Halloween.

Donna, my girlfriend, came up with the concept twenty years ago, or so, and it goes like this:
  1. You get a bunch of your friends together (especially, but not necessarily, if they have kids). For the last five years, we've gathered in a cabin in an undisclosed location in northern Bucks County.
  2. As a gang, you descend on a local and sincere pumpkin patch to search for the most jack-o-lantern-worthy pumpkins.
  3. As a gang, you return to the undisclosed location and create your masterpieces on the front porch, which requires the use of various and sundry implements of destruction, and the accumulation of mounds of pumpkin guts. When they are finished, you line them up on the porch railing.
  4. Then you bring your friends inside and give them liberal amounts of food and libation.
  5. After dark, they all get lit. (The pumpkins, that is.)
A line of lighted jack-o-lanterns at night.


Lori said...

That sounds like fun! I love the photo of all the pumpkins together. Very spooky!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What?! No dress up! haha Sounds like a team building exercise - I like it!

Carl said...

What happened to my pumpkin?

donna said...

It's having a good time with our pumpkins on my front steps. You forget it every year, as Alex pointed out.

Randy said...

Great shots. Love the night shot.

Carl said...

Well, at least its got a good home.