Sunday, October 12, 2008

Getting over the wall

People helping each other over a stone wall.A very passionate and articulate young man (he's only four months older than I am) who wants to be our next president held a rally in a park in my neighborhood on Saturday morning. We got up early and stood in line for hours with thousands of our neighbors to hear him speak.

In the twenty minutes or so that he was at the microphone he spoke on many important issues of the day, first and foremost, of course, being the economy, but also education, health care, energy, and the environment. He also spoke eloquently on the role of personal responsibility, stressing that government alone could not solve the massive problems facing the country.

He spoke to us, not at us. The crowd, which was truly a cross section of the culture ethnically and racially, was one, with him the way crowds are with rock stars or evangelist preachers, interrupting his discourse with whoops and hollers, chants, enthusiastic applause. He is, after all, one of the most powerful speakers of our time.

Afterwards, thousands had to figure their way out of the park. A large contingent of us surged toward the edge of a field that looked like a promising exit onto the street. When we got there, we found we were at the top of a wall, maybe five feet above the sidewalk. Not a problem. An ad hoc system was established. Those over the wall first turned and helped the strangers following them. Smiling faces, arms reaching up, words of encouragement for the unsure. We all made it. Amazing what we Americans can do when we work together.

Barack Obama.Barack Obama, Vernon park, Saturday morning.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yowza, sounds like some craziness was going on. I would like to see him speak in person.....

Just Roaming The Cities said...

This is what I like about Obama. He creates an atmosphere of togetherness and not separation. I see him as a very powerful speaker like you do. I think I began this year wondering who the right choice was for our next President, but I'm seeing more and more in Obama that I like, and more and more in McCain that I do not, not to mention Sarah Palin, don't get me started on that choice of VP's.

Great photo. I know how hard it is to get them with such a crowd.
It seems things felt under control there,in the crowd, and thats half the battle!
Thanks for the post.

Kelley Owens said...

I just found your post randomly and wanted to say good post and good photo. I would love to see him as well. He was nearby last week but we found out too late to make it. It's refreshing to hear someone speak and not hold your breath in anticipation of what ridiculous thing they are about to say.