Thursday, March 20, 2008


St. Peter's Church, Sunday afternoon.
Although no official reported the number of Oneidas killed in the fight, some years afterward Pennsylvanians placed a plaque at St. Peter's Church Cemetery in Barren Hill that memorialized the SIX INDIAN SCOUTS WHO DIED IN BATTLE MAY 1778. According to the church's official history, at least four of them had been buried there, their graves marked by ordinary headstones, all in a straight line.
-- Joseph T. Glatthaar, James Kirby Martin, Forgotten Allies: The Oneida Indians and the American Revolution

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oldmanlincoln said...

Wow. I am impressed. Impressed to see something for these people.

If a marker were placed for each Indian killed this country would be crisscrossed with markers.

Do you see my photo of my car going 65 mph?