Thursday, June 19, 2008

Livezey House (Glen Fern)

Livezey House.Livezey House, Sunday afternoon, June 15, 2008.
Directly across the creek, on the east bank, are the ruined walls of the "Great" or Livezey Mill, built in 1717 by Thomas Shoemaker, and for a long time the largest grist mill in the colony. It was sold to Thomas Livezey October 10, 1749. Sometimes hid in its little glen, but usually visible from the drive, is the Livezey House, built in 1696, now the picturesque home of the Valley Green Canoe Club. The kitchen in this house is believed to date to 1683.
-- The Wissahickon Valley Within the City of Philadelphia, Francis Burke Brandt, 1927

Ruins of Livezey Mill.Ruins of the Livezey Mill, Sunday afternoon.

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