Monday, August 18, 2008


Spider.Carpenters Woods, Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That an intereting spider-the color is unusual. Do you know hat kind it is?
Hope you enjoyed your time off!!! This weekend was gorgeous.

Lori said...

Ooh, I'm afraid to look! I can tell that's a great shot, even though I'm not a great fan of spiders!!

Halcyon said...

Neat picture!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Yes, I have not seen a male around here for a couple of weeks. Just the youngsters and females. There was only one or two most of the summer but now there are several and always picking at each other.

I just some some very unusual colored spiders in my tomatoes. I took several photos but don't know how they turned out. Mine are not the same color as this shot of your spider.

Nice photography. If you get a chance click that link at the top of my right sidebar. That guy takes some really special photos.